Abstract Submissions

Present your scientific work at  ISPRM 2023, the 17th ISPRM World Congress, 31 National Congress of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and the 3rd Ibero-American meeting of PMR. From June 4 to 8  Cartagena in Colombia.


Deadline – Call for Abstracts: March 15, 2023

Case Report, Case series, Observational Studies (Cohort and case and control studies), Diagnostic studies, Randomized Controlled Trials, Systematic Reviews, Metanalysis, Economic studies, Qualitative studies, Clinical Practice Guidelines. Accepted abstracts will be presented in two formats, Scientific Paper Oral Presentations or Poster Presentations. 

Scientific Paper Presentation:

The intent of these oral presentations is to convey the nature of high-quality research practice to the meeting participants. Papers for this session should be experimental in nature, and will be chosen not only for their intrinsic scientific merit, but also, for their educational value in illustrating the research process.

Poster Presentations:

Each poster will be presented in the poster area, an exhibit providing a forum for a one on one, in-depth discussion using narrative and visual material to display and communicate the objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of a specific study. Use of visual material such as photographs, charts, and diagrams are very important. The Presenting Author, as the resource person or consultant, should be present at specified times on the days of presentation to engage in discussion with interested individuals.