301.5% was the increase in the number of international flights to/from Colombia (2019 vs 2021) after massive vaccination against COVID-19 and Cartagena received 48.665 international passengers in 2022 (33,3% larger than 2021) and 3’700.000 tourists in 2022.

As a unique city far from the zones of conflict in Colombia, the city is always a preferred place for tourist; Out of Europe, Cartagena was awarded as the third most desirable city by tourists from all around the globe in 2022. (Wanderlust Travel Awards)

El Laguito, Bocagrande and CastilloGrande are among the most attractive zones with the most modern hotels where visitors safely walk around to enjoy the touristic city. 


It is right that according to the US Colombia is rated as 3 in the Travel Advisory Level, but it is of course regarding the conflict areas, so that is the reason why we recommend not to travel to a place different than Cartagena without consulting with the 2023 ISPRM organizing committee, the US agencies or US embassy.The notice of unrest published by the Department of State is quite pertinent because neither foreigner nor locals should visit those areas. 
Unrests commonly do not arise in Cartagena, or when occurring they do not happen around the touristic area nor the airport way to the hotels in Cartagena, even much less over these days of expected tourism that nurture the city and becomes the income of many citizens.

Actually, Cartagena received 48.665 international passengers in 2022, a 33,3% larger than the previous year and was awarded among the five most desirable cities by tourists from all around the Globe, out of Europe and US (Wanderlust Travel Awards)
On the other hand, Colombia is still a well desired country to visit due to the charming places, the culture diversity and friendly locals. Indeed, many citizens around the globe are still seeking for life experiences in Colombia, given that 57.567 visas for long or short stay were issued to citizens from more than 140 countries in 2022; from those, the number of citizens were more than 7000 from the U.S, +7400 from the 9 most frequent european countries (Spain, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Netherland, Posrtugal, Switzserland, Belgium), +4700 from 11 most frequent countries of ASIA and Pacific Region (India, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, New Zeland), +21900 from 11 most frequent LA countries (Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Brasil, Argentina, Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama). 
(Anexos section, page 251. 
It is clear that every visitor should take security measures as when visiting other countries.
For more security measures you may follow those listed in the following links:

Traveling to colombia

Attention all travelers heading to Colombia! Please be advised that it is mandatory to register with CheckMig prior to your arrival in the country. CheckMig is the official online platform established by the Colombian government to streamline the immigration process and ensure a smooth entry for all visitors. To comply with this requirement, please visit the CheckMig website and complete the registration process at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure. During registration, you will be asked to provide essential information such as your personal details, travel itinerary, and purpose of visit. This registration is crucial to facilitate a hassle-free entry into Colombia, so please make sure to fulfill this requirement to enjoy your journey without any inconvenience. Safe travels!

How to get to Colombia

Cartagena de Indias has a privileged geographical position in the Americas, as it has the same distance between North and South America, facilitating arrivals from around the world.

Origin CoutryAirlineWeekly FrecuencyFligth duration
LimaLatam44 hours
AmsterdamKLM58 hours
PanamáCopa, Wingo, Air Panama2240 minutes
MiamiAvianca, America Airlines142.5 hours
FT. LauderdaleJetblue, Spirit112.5 hours
AtlantaDelta34 hours
TorontoAir Canada35 hours
MontrealAir Transat35.5 hours
OrlandoSpirit23 hours
San SalvadorAvianca42.5 hours
New YorkJetblue, Avianca65 hours